Let me help you create happier relationships and more confidence, with quick, easy and actionable steps

These online courses are a great way for you to make ​powerful shifts in your ​relationship. ​They include a range of helpful resources,​ which have been specifically ​designed based on ​many year's ​helping thousands of ​clients ​gain better relationships and ​more ​confidence. ​

Whether it's with ​​a spouse, ​a family member, or with friends, many people ​have issues in their relationships because they've ​never been taught how to communicate ​in ​effective ways.

​It's a very common problem  ​

These skills weren't taught at school, and they weren't taught ​by ​parents because those parents weren't taught them either.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

With a few simple tweaks to how you communicate , a whole host of issues can be resolved. 

These courses are for you if:

You want more emotional intimacy and closeness in your relationship

​You want to feel heard and fully understood

You’d like to know you are supported and appreciated

You want to get past old hurts and resentments

You wish you could stop bickering and start connecting

You need to know how to communicate in ways that bring you closer instead of driving you further apart

I've had the privilege to help hundreds of people make rapid changes by applying the simple tools, techniques and strategies.

Let me help you too.


Drifting Apart? Here’s How to Fix It

Does it feel as though you're drifting apart from someone special in your life? Do you want to rediscover the closeness, and easiness that you once had together?

Module 1: What Everybody Ought to Know About Relationships

Module 2: Shortcuts to Reconnecting

Module 3: How to Listen Well - Proven Ways

Module 4: The Power of Appreciation and How to do it With Grace

​​Plus Extra  Bonus Materials

They Never Listen? Here's How to be Heard​

​Do you get accused of being a nag when really you're just trying to get your point across. Does it all get lost in transalation -  you feel unheard, ignored, disregarded?

Would you like to be truly heard, get your needs met, find ways to communicate on a deeper level?

Module 1: Escape the Nagging Cycle

Module 2: Are You Speaking the Same Language? If Not, Here's How

​Module 3: Difficult Conversations. How to Avoid the Drama

Plus Extra Bonus Materials

Resentment, Fights and Bickering? Here's How to Restore the Peace

Is your relationship being spoiled by bickering, playing power games and fighting? Learn how to restore harmony and peace
M​odule 1: Anger​​​​ - What's Really Going On

Module 2: Say Goodbye to Bickering, Say Hello to Calm Discussions

Module 3: Free Yourself From the Chains of Resentment

Plus Extra Bonus Materials