They Never Listen? Here’s How to be Heard

Get this course so you can ​learn ​​how to ​be truly heard, get your needs met, and ​communicate on a deeper level

Do you get accused of being a nag when really you're just trying to get your point across. Does it all get lost in transalation -  you feel unheard, ignored, disregarded?

Would you like to be truly heard, get your needs met, find ways to communicate on a deeper level?

Here's what ​my clients have told me over the years. Perhaps these will be familiar for you:​

​​“​It's like talking to a brick wall”

 “​I get accused of nagging, but I'm just trying to say how I feel”

“I never seem to get my needs met without having a huge row​”

“I can't talk about sensitive issues without her getting upset”

“​I want to be able to ​communicate clearly, to be heard and to hear”


​But it doesn't have to be this way.

With a few simple changes in how you communicate, you'll be able to ​connect on a much deeper and authentic level.

​Let me help you make rapid and easy changes

This course is for you if:

  • You're frustrated with not being heard
  • It would bring you closer if you learnt some listening skills
  • You want to say what's on your mind without having to skirt around the issue
  • You're fed up of being accused of nagging and moaning when all you're trying to do is explain how you feel
  • You want to get your needs met without it being such a huge deal

In this course you will learn:


​Escape the Nagging Cycle​


​Are You ​Speaking the Same Language? If Not, Here's How​


​Difficult Conversations. How to Avoid the Drama

​Plus Extra Bonus Materials

This Course Includes

Professional content based on over 25 years helping clients improve their confidence and relationships

  • ​Videos to watch in your own time
  • Audio versions of the videos to listen on the go
  • ​Specially designed worksheets to help you learn and apply the techniques
  • play
    Bonus Material

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What Students Say About this Course

​I was at my wits end, we were on the verge of breaking up. It seemed like we really were from two different planets. Every time we ​tried to talk about an important issue, it would end up in a row. Now we can talk things through properly because I'm learning to speak his language and he's learning to speak mine! ​Rachel J, ​Bristol, UK

It was like ​I was talking to a brick wall. She would nod and agree bu tthen nothing would change. I realise now I wasn't getting through to her in a way that was meaningful. So glad iItook this short course - the strategies are so simple - but oh so powerful ​ K ​Barton, Boston, MA

I'd been bothered by an issue with my friend for a very long time but I could never seem to made it clear to her without her laughing and telling me I was being silly. This course showed me some simple ways to get my message across and she's much more respectful to our friendship now. I'm so glad as I didn't want to lose the friendship. ​M. B, Fredericksberg TX USA

​A Note From Marléne

Hi, I’m Marléne, it' great to meet you

I’ve been helping people for over 25 years. I absolutely love helping people with their confidence and relationships – it’s wonderful to see people make such huge leaps in their wisdom and become so much happier.

Our relationships are where we do our greatest learning.

 Because we’re all different, and we’re emotional creatures, it’s inevitable that we’ll sometimes feel misunderstood, hurt and unable to get our point across. However, with a few simple communication tweaks we can navigate all this and move forward to become more connected and happier than ever.

That’s why I’ve put together these courses for you. I want to take my experience from working with individuals and couples in the therapy room to help more people and spread more joy and harmony.

 Enjoy the course!

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